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What our Oilfield students say ...

I asked Martha what the best thing was about her course and visit to Kingsway : The best thing... Well, really all the time it was something good, the quality of teachers, I really liked the teaching method, due to be more time, The Tours were fantastic. England is lovely, is a place where I would like to live
Best Rgds Martha, Mexcio

Dear Sue, my name is Rauf, I was in your school 5 years ago and my English today significantly really improved. Thanks a lot! Also I would like pass some warm words of thanks for my “parents” family Simmons.
Best Regards
Rauf, Russia

Thanks so much. I have always trusted Kingsway for my training needs it is a delight to see his progress. I have been thinking shall he stay here longer we can send him for an additional class.
Best Rgds Gio, USA

Recruiters, just in case you have to recommend English communication courses, we send our people to Kingsway and the results are excellent. Rgds, Marllus, Brazil

From Dirk who attended the One-to-One Course : Dear All, some few minutes ago, I have received my personal results of the [Management Assessment] Centre. For all 10 criteria I'm ranked between "fully meets expectations" or "outstanding performance". Of course I'm absolutely happy about this result. Thank you very much for your extremly valuable support during the preparation. This was obviously one of the key levers to achieve this outstanding result. I'D LIKE TO THANK YOU SO MUCH !!! It was an interesting, absolutely challenging but also valuable experience.
Dirk, Germany

The [Management Skills] courses I’ve completed in your professional school are highly  useful. I can easily feel the difference between before and after that course. I’d like ,again, to thank you and thank the wonderful Kingsway’s team for the effort they did during my stay there.
Salim, Libya

I was searching the net for some information and Kingsway came across in the search. Memories just came back when I was in Worcester in August 1996. Just a quick e-mail to thank you for what you guys did; helping me to get into a world of opportunities by learning English. Thank you and Best Regards
Juan, Japan

Thank you very much for all, I'm successful in my technical school ... my score 90.3% of this week. Last night we had a big meeting to celebrate finish of course. I received my certificate....I'm very happy Thank you very much! I'm sure if you had not helped me I would not [have achieved this result]   Thank you KINGSWAY...KINGSWAY...
George, Brazil

Tatiana, Russia, says of one of her recent Kingsway candidates : "I have contacted Sergey - have a look at his [email] below. He has made amazing progress. Never before could he write a message. He became a Kingsway Star! " [Sergey came to Kingsway a beginner and studied for 6 weeks]

I was a little bit surprised, when knew I became a Kingsway Star, but I very happy!!! I studed from quality and friendly teachers. I say all teachers: "Thank you very much"!!! I spent 6 weeks in Kingsway and it was wonderful, fantastic!!! Best regards,
Sergey, Canada

“Kingsway is excellent. People would have to visit and they can realise what you can learn”
Nestor – Ecuador

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