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Power Pack Weekend English LessonsPower Pack Weekend

An individually tailored, one-to-one weekend communication skills course for those who have absolutely no time to spare and have a specific goal to achieve - such as preparing a presentation or a speech, writing up a report or tender, or other target which MUST be done 'yesterday'!

The Power Pack can also be added to a regular weekly course to really boost training hours.

The course consists of 12 hours individual “one-to-one” lessons with a tutor over Saturday and Sunday (9-12 and 1-4 each day). When combined with a regular weekly course can boost total hours to 60 hours of training in just 9 days (only one week out of the office)

Participants are assessed on arrival and a needs analysis carried out. From this the course objectives are set. A programme is discussed and agreed with the participant to achieve these desired objectives.

The key features of the Power Pack Weekend are :

  • Who is it for : Those with specific objectives that need weekend work
  • Class Levels : Beginner / Pre-Intermediate / Intermediate / Upper-Intermediate / Advanced
  • Class Size : 1:1 individual lessons - 1 or 2 assigned trainers
  • Course Length : 2 days (Saturday + Sunday)
  • Course Hours : 12 hours 1:1
  • Starting Dates : Every weekend throughout the year

Power Pack Weekend Prices

The table below shows the 'stand alone' course price. If you want to add this to any other Kingsway course you just pay the course fee of GBP£995.

Number of Weekends 1
Registration Charge GBP£ 65
Intensive Tuition Fee GBP£ 995
Course Booster in GBP£ 270
Executive Homestay Full-Board GBP£ 168
Airport Taxi Transfers GBP£ 290

Spending Money

If candidates do not have access to cash to cover personal out-of-school expenses we can provide spending money in GB Pounds and add this to the invoice. We recommend GBP£100/week to cover this. Please confirm when booking if you require this.

Accommodation Options

We provide excellent quality Executive Homestay Accommodation with a private bathroom. We can provide self-catering apartment or hotel accommodation if required. Please enquire for prices.

How To Book

Click here to fill in the online application form and we will take care of all the arrangements

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