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National Health Service

The UK operates a National Health Service [NHS] which is free to all UK citizens, European Union citizens, and those of certain other countries covered by “reciprocal healthcare agreements”. These can be found by CLICKING HERE. In addition, the NHS provides free emergency medical treatment to everyone, irrespective of their country of origin.

Kingsway’s Agreement

For those nationals who are not covered by a reciprocal healthcare agreement, Kingsway can cover the cost of any non-emergency medical treatment that becomes necessary and recharge the cost to your company through the course invoice providing this is agreed with your company in advance. In most cases this facility is a requirement for the granting of a UK visa to the employee, and is stated on the visa invitation letter sent to the British Embassy at the time of course booking.

Kingsway will pay on behalf of your company for :

  • dental treatment in case of tooth ache etc
  • consultations with a doctor in case of general illness
  • prescribed medicines associated with doctor and dentist consultations
  • eye tests as a result of problems created by study at Kingsway
  • eye glasses if required as a result [after approval from your company]
  • other medical treatment insofar as it affects your study at Kingsway

Medical Cover

If you require your own medical cover

If you are in doubt we strongly recommend that you obtain your own cover. Medical Insurance is available (with possessions insurance) from You can arrange cover and pay for it by credit card on-line.

If you need help please let us know.

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