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Nodding DonkeysYour First Days

These notes are to help you settle in to the school after you arrive, so that you will know what will happen and where you are supposed to be. If you wish print this page and bring the notes with you.

If you need help at any time

If you have any questions please ask any member of staff. Rick Johns is the school Director. If you have any problems to do with medical, travel, visas, employment documents, cash living allowance etc, please ask Rick, Laura (Kingsway's Registrar) or Kathy (Student Services Manager).

What will happen when I arrive?

  • A Kingsway driver will meet you at the airport. He will hold a sign saying “Kingsway English Centre” and your name. He will wait in the terminal building, after you have passed through Customs.
  • The driver will hand you a welcome pack with your joining instructions.
  • If you do not see the Kingsway driver please call the school number (+44 1905-619877) 24 hours / 7 days. Do NOT leave the airport without the driver unless you have called Kingsway first.
  • On the first study day use the map given to you by the Kingsway driver at the airport to make your way to the school. (You should try to arrive 30 minutes before lessons begin.)
  • When you arrive you will be met by a member of staff who will show you who your teacher is and where to wait.
  • During your first day you will be given an introduction to the school and the facilities. Don't worry if you are not sure where to go or what to do - Kingsway staff will help you.


You will stay with a host family near the school. You will have your own bedroom and share a bathroom with other members of the family. Your host family will provide you with breakfast and evening meal every day, and lunch on Saturday and Sunday if you are at home. Host families are paid by Kingsway – you do not have to pay the host family yourself. Staying with a host family is very good for your English development – in effect it doubles the value of your English course because you interact with the family during the evening and at weekends.

Lesson Hours & Times

Weekly lesson times are as follows :

Monday - Friday  09h00 - 12h15 
Monday - Friday  13h30 - 16h45 
Monday - Thursday Study Period 16h45 - 18h00
Friday Study Period  16h45 - 17h30 
(Saturday is usually a full day trip, and Sunday is a day off)

Course Structure

  • During your first day you will be assessed through verbal interview and classroom activities (there is no written entry test).
  • At the end of the day there is a supervised Study Period for you to spend constructively. We suggest that you spend the time in your classroom reviewing your day's studies, improving your listening skills in self-access, preparing your presentation if you are doing one, doing your homework, reading, writing letters, etc.
  • Please remember that every aspect of your work and general behaviour at Kingsway is fed back to your company through an end-of-course report. It is important that your give your studies your best effort. If you have any problems regarding your studies please speak to Richard Ostick (Director of Studies).

Spending Money

During your first day, if requested by your manager, you will be given spending money, usually GBP£100 per week. This is for your personal expenses. Plan your spending carefully so that you don't run out of money! If you have any cash problems see Rick.

Internet and Email Access

The school has unlimited free connections to the Internet via cable and a fully roaming WiFi network so you can connect any laptop, tablet or other mobile device to access your email.

Morning and Afternoon Breaks

There are breaks at 10h30 in the morning and 15h00 in the afternoon which you may spend with the other students in the lounge, in your classroom, or you may go outside for some fresh air - as you wish. Tea, coffee or cold drinks are available free of charge in the kitchen. If you smoke please do so outside or in the conservatory for the comfort of others.

Lunch Time

Lunch break is 75 minutes, from 12h15 to 13h30. There are a variety of eating places within a few metres of the school along Foregate Street. Please make sure you return to school by 13h25 as a courtesy to your teacher and other students in your group. You must buy your own lunch on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday with an allowance given to you by Kingsway as part of your full-board package.

Social BreaksSocial Activities

We will arrange various activities during your stay, usually on a Tuesday and Thursday evening, and a full day trip on Saturday. If there are any particular places you would like to visit please let us know. Some evening activities are free, some are charged "at cost". You may be asked to get yourself to a central location on departure, though we will do our best to drop you back at your host family afterwards if possible.

Your 24 hour HELP LINE is 01905-619877, or 0044-1905-619877 from outside the UK. Call anytime if you are lost or need help, or if (for example) your flight is delayed. The Kingsway support team is in regular contact over the evenings and weekends for arriving and departing students. If you get an answering machine please leave a message – we will attend to it!

Our Contact Details

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  • 40 Foregate Street
  • Worcester WR1 1EE, UK
  • Telephone +44 1905 619877
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